»2020« is a portrait-project photographed during the months of the Covid 19-lockdown in the spring of 2020. Medical personnel, nursing staff, supermarket-cashiers, ambulance-drivers... People who know about home-office only by hearsay, and who have kept things running during this unprecedented time - ensuring the supply of existential goods and services. They were all photographed immediately after their shifts.
The 15 portraits are on view from September 18-28 in the form of a large-format billboard installation (4m x 3m each) in my hometown of Konstanz, Germany, where all the portraits were taken. Accompanying the installation, there will be a 16-page artist’s book designed by Hans Gremmen.

Corina Zuch, Pflegefachkraft

Jörg Brockmann, Pflegefachkraft

Liliana Cardoso de Sousa, Pflegefachkraft

Natasa Stojanovic, Pflegefachkraft

Prof. Dr. med. Anastasios Chatzikonstantinou, Ärztlicher Leiter

Emilia Vlad, Pflegefachkraft

Stephanie Keller, Pflegefachkraft

Michael Wagner, Pflegefachkraft

Laura Contursi, Notfallsanitäterin

Matthias Brandt, Rettungssanitäter

Anita Stumpf, Lebensmittelverkäuferin

Andreas Kühn, Lebensmittelverkäufer

Myriam Wirths-Bonmarchand, Lebensmittelverkäuferin

Hans-Werner Dorra, Lebensmittelverkäufer

Margareta Corluka, Lebensmittelverkäuferin

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