nicht anfang und nicht ende (neither beginning nor end) — a multimedia-project about migration within Europe (work-in-progress since 2016)

Although the phenomenon of migration is as old as humankind itself, these days many Europeans seem to consider it a threat. My project visualizes migration within Europe, the wanderings of the European people themselves. nicht anfang und nicht ende thematizes diverse facets of those very wanderings — and thereby the diversity of the continent itself. The hybrid project, consisting of photography, video and text,  approaches the topic by way of the continent’s geographical extreme-points: Lapland (North), where the Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, migrate through the tundra with their reindeer-herds. The life of a German drifter on Crete (South); a Roma-clan in Portugal (West) and work-related migration from Romania (East) westwards.

See below excerpts from the chapters Romania and Crete. There is an artist-book (32 pages, newsprint-format) available for download here (PDF).

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