A Handful of Dust (2013-2019)

»I just noticed […]: that, first and foremost, the heavens were an inquiry into man. Indeed, man is an inwards universe.«

This paradox became the leitmotiv to Florian Schwarz for his project A Handful of Dust, which, over a period of four years, accompanied a gigantic astronomical research project observatories in the most remote places in the world. The artist does not document, but insightfully links the distant view into the expanse of space with intimate views of the people and their lifeworlds in the surroundings of these institutes. A Handful of Dust is a deeply poetic voyage of discovery, meandering from the dusty ends of this world to the center of the universe, where our center is also situated—since we consist of 97% stardust.

The book completing this long-term project was published by KERBER in September 2019: 24 cm x 32 cm / Silkscreened Hardcover / 232 pages (615 images, color & b/w) / Design by Hans Gremmen, Amsterdam / Texts by Boris von Brauchitsch, Dr. Martin Dominik, Florian Schwarz, Arnold Stadler, Helena Vayhinger 

All installation views: Museum of Art, Singen, Germany / 2019
‚A Handful of Dust‘, Kerber Publishing, 2019, 232 pages (615 images, c & b/w), 24 cm x 32 cm

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